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«Transport Economics»

Head: Svetlana V. Rachek DSc in Economics, Professor
Tel/Fax: (+7 343) 221-24-41

Students are trained in the following disciplines:

Discipline: 080502 "Economics and Company Management (Railway Transport)"
Qualification: economist-manager
Form of studies: full-time, extramural
Duration of studies: 5, 6 years

Discipline: 080109 "Accounting and Audit"
Specialization: Accounting and Audit
Qualification: economist
Form of studies: full-time, part-time
Duration: 3.5 or 5 years

Field of study: 080100 "Economics"
Qualification: Bachelor of Economics
Duration of studies: 4 years
Profile of studies: "Company Management" , "Accounting and Audit"

Field of studies: 080200 "Management"
Qualification: Bachelor of Management
Duration of studies: 4 years
The area of professional activity includes: any organizations
Profile of studies: "Production Management"

Courses of the Department

  • "Organization and Planning of Production"
  • "Economics and Organization of Production"
  • "Economics of Railway Transport"
  • "Economic Analysis"
  • "Organization of Production of Signaling and Communication"
  • "Quality management"
  • "Economic-Mathematical modeling"
  • "Economics of Organization"
  • "Organization and Regulation of Labor and Wages"
  • "Organization of Production"
  • "Organization theory".
  • "Costs of Rail Transportation"
  • "Economic Evaluation of Investment"
  • "Economics of Organization"
  • "Procurement in Railway Transport"
  • "Economics of the Industry"
  • "Planning at the Enterprise"
  • "Documentation of Management Activities"
  • "Strategic Planning"
  • "Pricing in Railway Transport"
  • "Analysis and Diagnosis of Financial and Economic Activity"
  • "Tax System"
  • "Environmental Economics"
  • "Insurance in Transport"
  • "Economics of Electric Stock"
  • "Economics, Organization and Planning of Production"
  • "Organization of Production at Railway Transport Enterprises"
  • "Network Economy"
  • "Accounting"
  • "Financial Accounting"
  • "History of Accounting"
  • "Finance"
  • "Finance and Credit"
  • "Financial Management"
  • "Cost Accounting, Costing and Budgeting in Certain Production Industries (Railway Industry)"
  • "Accounting (Financial) Statements"
  • "Analysis of Financial Statements"
  • "Taxes and Taxation"
  • "Specifics of Accounting in Transport Industry"
  • "General Theory of Statistics"
  • "Accounting Theory"
  • "Socio-economic statistics"
  • "Statistics in Railway Transport"
  • "International Standards of Accounting and Financial Reporting"
  • "Managerial Accounting"
  • "Monitoring and Revision"
  • "Fundamentals of Audit"
  • "Audit"
  • "Specifics of Accounting in Public Sector Organizations"
  • "Money, Credit, Banks"
  • "Accounting Profession"
  • "International Standards on Auditing"
  • "Accounting and Analysis of Bankruptcies"
  • "Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit"