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«Building Structures and Building Industry»

Head: Nikolai G. Gorelov, PhD in Engineering, associate professor 
Tel/Fax: (+7 343) 221-24-34 

Students are trained in the following disciplines at the chair

Discipline: 270102 "Industrial and Civil Construction" 

Starting in 2011, the chair introduced two-level study programmes: bachelor and master of engineering and technology in the "Building industry" discipline for full-time form of studies. A bachelor's degree is awarded after four years of study, master's degree is awarded after the end of the 6th year of study. 

Form of studies: full-time 

Along with that, Specialist's Programmes are offered as well, with qualification "construction engineer." 

Form of studies: extramural 
Duration: 6 years 

Courses of the Department

  • History of architecture.
  • Drawings
  • Architecture of civil and industrial buildings.
  • Special courses in physics (building physics).
  • Metalwork.
  • Welding of metal structures.
  • Reinforced concrete structures.
  • Stone structures.
  • Wood and plastics structures.
  • Special course "Engineering Structures".
  • Metrology, inspection and testing of buildings and structures.
  • Reconstruction of buildings and structures.
  • Technology of construction processes.
  • Technology of construction of buildings and structures.
  • Organization, management and planning of construction.
  • Economy in construction.
  • Engineering structures of buildings and facilities on railway transport.
  • Construction machinery.
  • Structural design automation.
  • Basics of architectural design