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  • Once upon a time ... there were two unofficial meetings in Zagreb (1999) and Dresden (2002), where first thoughts about international STUDENT cooperation were exchanged.
  • "Officially" European traffic and transportation students' cooperation started with the 1st Conference held in Dresden in 2003 with 8 faculties participating...
  • Followed with the 2nd Conference held in Zagreb in 2004 with 7 faculties participating...
  • And then the 3rd Conference in Gyor in 2005 with 7 faculties participating...
  • The 4th Conference in Novi Sad counted 15 faculties as a result of joint work and promotion.
  • And cooperation has started...
Why do we need EATS organization in USURT?

    EATS - is an international European Association of students of Transportation Sciences which promotes the exchange of students' expertise, knowledge and ideas, protects students' rights and enhances students' mobility and employability. It is a non-profit gaining, not governmental organization.

    Our goals are to unite students from all transportation faculties within Europe and to make possible for students to gather into one place and have debates on transportation topics...and lots of fun. One such thing is the Conferences and another (until now) is the Workshops.

    European Association of Transport Students could help:

  • gather all transport faculties and universities together,
  • allow easier information and better knowledge transfer,
  • support students, their ideas and their rights,
  • promote students' mobility and employability,
  • strengthen the bound between students and labor market,
  • carry on common traditions such as the "Conference : " and develop it further, keep or even rise its quality.

    As the demand for internationalization is constantly growing in the uniting Europe, young people with both a European orientation and experience will be most needed.

The beginning of our cooperation

     Our students from Electrotechnical faculty participated in the 5th Conference of Transport Students. The event took place in Czech Republic - Prague and Pardubice and it was hosted by the students of Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU Prague and Jan Perner Transport Faculty, University of Pardubice from 30th April to 5th May 2007.

    Not so far we participated in the "2nd EATS Workshop" in Zagreb, Croatia. It was organized by local organization of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport. Delegations from Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Croatia and Russia (students from USURT and OSTU) discussed the establishment of the international European union of students of the traffic profession, statute of EATS, the main goals and tasks of local groups.

    Unique opportunity of cooperation among students of transport and traffic sciences was the corner stone in creation of local EATS-Yekaterinburg and EATS-Omsk groups. We hope that students from others transport universities, like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, will join us in the nearest future.

     Next "3rd EATS Workshop" will be held in our university (autumn 2008).

    Main purpose of the 3rd EATS Workshop is to unite students from all transport and traffic faculties in Europe, so we can work on projects together on international level and trough them exchange experiences, knowledge and build better relations among us for future cooperation.

    We are sure that it is a good idea to have our local EATS group and we hope that you'll help us in developing new organization.

    We are waiting for you.

    For all questions please contact International Department (Office 214).