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I. TEMPUS JEP_UM_22130-2001 "Career Resource Center in USURT"

    In 2001 the Urals State University of Railway Transport University together with other two European Universities (University of Wales, Lampeter (the UK) and Lund University (Sweden)) submitted the application for a 2-year TEMPUS project, which was approved and selected for funding. The sum of the grant was - 300 000 Еuro.

    The project period was from 15.04.2002 to 15.04.2004.

    The title of the project was "Career Resource Center in USURT": JEP_UM - Joint European Project on University Management, which is aimed at restructuring of universities' management systems and modernization of all the administration processes. The major objective is to help the Universities to effectively adapt to changing inner and outer environment.

    The idea of the project was implemented with the help of Steve Witherspoon (MBA) - the American volunteer of Peace Corps, who worked in the Urals State University of Railway Transport. He assisted in writing the application form in English.

    Project outcomes and achievements:

  • Fully functioning Career Resource Center set up and operational at USURT (the opening date is the 12th March, 2003).
  • The Center has been licensed and authorized as ECDL Center (European Computer Driving License) and offers computer courses on a regular basis.
  • English language courses are tailored for needs of English in the workplace.
  • Career Resource Center web-site has been developed.
  • Information brochures on Career Resource Center objectives, current career consulting materials, and relevant literature compiled to support training activities have been prepared and published.
  • About 800 students have participated in training activities or have been offered job placements, especially summer jobs (as train guards/train hosts).
  • A number of workshops, seminars and Job fairs have been held. Most of these events were held with the help of specialists from Federal Department of Employment and local companies and enterprises - the potential employers. During the project meetings all partners the following government bodies took part (Ministry of Foreign Economic Affairs and International Relation, Ministry of Education, Youth Affair Department of Sverdllovsk Region, Youth Labour Exchange).